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BAILEY PROPERTIES, LLC specializes in superior internet marketing of homes that can save sellers significant savings compared to traditional list marketing commissions. It is now the norm that most buyers search the internet on sites such as or for homes to buy before seeking a REALTOR to show them the property, so why spend so much of your hard earned home equity on traditional list marketing commissions when most of the marketing of your home will take place on the internet?

If you so choose Bailey Properties, LLC will do the list marketing of your home for 1% or you can still choose the traditional 3% list marketing fees if you so desire.

Option 1: 4% total commission (1% list marketing commission) & (3% sales commission to selling broker)

Option 2: The standard 6% or 7% (3% list marketing commission) & (3% sales commission to selling broker) or (3% list marketing commission) & (4% sales commission to selling broker) Sales commissions you choose to give selling brokers could also be negotiated to accommodate the specific needs and desires you have in the selling of your home.

No matter whether you choose option 1 or 2 you will receive all the same full sales brokerage services offered by other real estate brokerage firms for the sale of your home in Tulsa, Oklahoma and surrounding communities. In addition we will also cooperate if you have a favored Real Estate Associate who says they can sell your home and give them “written permission” to place their brokers company sign in the yard in addition to Bailey Properties, LLC with “written authorization” from their Brokerage firm to assist in bringing buyers to your home. When they bring a buyer they still make the sales commission and you still save on list marketing commissions. A win – win for all parties.

FSBO option: The 1% marketing only option would place your home on the MLS (multiple listing services) and all other websites that the MLS system shares it’s databases with that are used by Realtors that places them on such sites as and then handle the sale process yourself as a For Sale By Owner for which we also provide marketing services on FACEBOOK as a courtesy to those who want to do additional marketing of their property themselves.

Whether you have been trying to sell your home with a Real Estate Company or trying FSBO without success you may also want to consider the option of having your home managed and leased so that you can move on with your future plans. You can view service options at and a condensed resume of homes managed and leased at

You can also view the homes for sale on the multiple listing services database on our website at

The BAILEY name has been synonymous with quality homes. Contact us for further details of our "unique" marketing programs so we can help you sell or lease your home. Appointments can be made with John R. Noveskey 918.587.6916 to discuss details.